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Global Marketing - Legal, Tax and Financial  Consulting

Global Marketing - Legale, Tax and Financial  Consulting

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Nowadays, more than ever, careful analysis, precise knowledge of the markets, correct assessments of potential customers and concrete prospects on international markets are necessary to enable Enterprises to take advantage of new opportunities to grow and deal with global competition.

LE MONDE® has a strong network in more than 100 countries, thanks to our experience and knowledge on several fields we are able to carry out scrupulous market researches to provide all the information and services needed to reduce business risks and identify new and successful business opportunity.

LE MONDE® is the right partner to develop your business in Italy since our strength is growing together with the Market offering appropriate solutions regarding your risk/opportunity/management.


Thanks to its long experience in many industrial and services areas overseas, LE MONDE® will follow you from the start-up to the end of the Project.

Some of our services:  

  • Promotion of Innovative Services and Products
  • Partner Research (Industrial, Trade and Financial)
  • Set up of Franchising network

and many more…


LE MONDE® assists you in the Organisation of your Participation to Fairs and Congresses in Italy, providing technical and marketing support before, during and after the show:

  • Preliminary analysis to select the most suitable events;
  • Marketing strategies development;
  • Planning and realisation of advertising campaigns;
  • Communication through national and international press;
  • Follow up of negotiations.

LE MONDE® organises congresses, press conferences, product presentations, seminars and meetings with economic operators in any area.


  • International fiscal and legal consultancy
  • Tax Planning Consultancy
  • Corporate and Individuals Migration Consultancy
  • Company incorporation and Management

Thanks to our international lawyers partners, LE MONDE® is able to provide step by step legal, trade, tax and logistic assistance to foreign Investors interested in setting up a company in Italy.The legal department is specialized on negotiation and drawing up international and national contracts for sales, distribution, licensing and joint ventures and also in the solution of trade disputes both in and out the EU countries.The logistics and transport department advises on the best solution to reduce costs, dealing especially with Customs Clearance Matters.The tax department handles all the aspects of taxation applied to Corporate and Individuals all over the world.  The international processes require deep knowledge about taxation in different jurisdictions all over the world.


LE MONDE®, has always paid attention on the research of innovative solutions concerning international tax planning for e-commerce.
We have taken up this new challenge in order to verify all the interesting opportunities for Businessman involved in Trading online.

E-commerce requires depth knowledge of the current fiscal Regulation of different countries as an alternative to traditional trading.
Our consultancy will show you the practical application of e-commerce, not only the theoretical aspect.


LE MONDE® has specific knowledge on international business culture to advise international players in strategic cross-border deals. We provide the best professional link between Italian Entrepreneurs and Foreign Investors.
Our services;

  • Market Analysis and Partner research
  • Financial analysis and risk assessment
  • Check-up of potential partners
  • Negotiations
  • Tax Planning
  • Drafting Contracts
  • Follow-up

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