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Global Marketing - Legal, Tax and Financial  Consulting

Global Marketing - Legale, Tax and Financial  Consulting

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LE  MONDE ® is  an international Business consulting organization who has fostered for  almost 25 years the best business Cooperation projects between Italian  and  Foreign Enterprises in different area; due to our expertise and our  certified  Procedures, we are in position to help you to find your  right partner in Italy.
If  you are looking for a product, we are able to find reliable  manufacturers, follow the negotiations until the conclusion of the  contract, organize the transport even in groupage until your  destination.
If  you are looking for an acquisition of a company, we are able to  identify the best investment opportunities according to your requests.

After  a careful check up, we are able to identify through scrupulous market  surveys, potential industrial, commercial and / or financial partners,  study and draw up international contracts, manage financial instruments  in partnership with the best institutions.
Our  Quality System has been certified according to the International  Standards ISO 9001  by the prestigious Swiss organization  SGS "Société  Générale de Surveillance".

Le Monde S.r.l. Unipersonale Via dell'Industria, 2F
35026 Conselve (PD) Italy
Tel. +39 049 9500850  -  PEC: lemonde@pec.lemonde.it
P.I. 00185180288  R.e.a  PD24963624
Codice Destinatario Univoco KRRH6B9
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