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On 15 January 2020 President Trump and Chinese Vice Premier Liu Hu signed the long-awaited US-China Trade Agreement after nearly two years of a trade war that has resulted in crippling tariffs on almost $500 billion worth of bilateral trade. Read more


European Union tightens net on e-commerce VAT evasion

Tackling e-commerce fraud is high on the European Union's political agenda, with significant effort being put into creating new rules to combat value added tax (VAT) fraud in particular. An important step in this regard has been the introduction of a significant number of changes to the existing rules on e-commerce taxation. Read more


Corporate Tax USA

New York considers 5% gross receipts tax on almost every corporation.  Read more


Italy- Budget Law 2020 – Corporate Tax Italy Reintroduction of ACE benefit

Web tax Tax on foreign assets held by resident trusts and partnerships

New criminal tax liabilities. Read more


Banking Switzerland -FinSA/FinIA: proposed follow-up regulation by FINMA

New threshold for virtual currency transactions

Easement of AML duties in connection with granting consumer credits. Read more


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