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è ex membro accreditato BIC (Business Innovation Centre) network no-profit  fondato nel 1983 e riconosciuto dalla Commissione Europea Bruxelles (DG Regional Policy) con oltre 240 centri dislocati in varie parti del mondo (www.ebn.be)

Il nostro compito principale è quello di sensibilizzare le eccellenze italiane a fare sistema tramite lo strumento della rete d’impresa, per una maggiore competitività nel mondo, assistendo e supportando le aziende in progetti di internazionalizzazione e di innovazione tecnologica di processo e di prodotto.

Previo un attento check up, siamo in grado di individuare ovunque nel mondo, attraverso scrupolose indagini di mercato, potenziali partner Industriali, Commerciali e/o Finanziari, studiare ed elaborare contrattualistica internazionale, gestire strumenti finanziari in collaborazione con i maggiori istituti collocati nelle principali piazze internazionali.

Il nostro sistema Qualità è stato certificato secondo le norme Internazionali ISO 9001:2008 dal prestigioso  ente Svizzero “Société Générale de Surveillance”.



November  2018



An unfortunate experience with SARS South Africa -

The High Court (Gauteng Division, Pretoria) recently found that the South African Revenue Service (SARS) erred in its finding that the applicant had failed to pay certain amounts of value added tax and incorrectly levied penalties and interest. On the facts, it appeared that the applicant had made payment as required, and that SARS had incorrectly allocated the amount paid. As such, the court granted an order to the effect that SARS must pay interest on the amounts paid by the applicant under protest...read more

Luxembourg. Modernisation of Company Law: new act recognises simplified winding-up procedure.

Following the recent enactment of the act modernising the Company Law 1915, Luxembourg law now officially recognises the possibility for companies to be wound up by means of a simplified procedure. Although a simplified procedure had previously existed in notarial practice, it lacked a clear legal basis. The new procedure is an unquestionably useful tool which will further enhance Luxembourg'sbusiness friendly.......read more

United Kingdom

Dividends, directors' duties and transactions defrauding creditors

A recent High Court case provides useful guidance on the requirement that directors take into account the contingent and prospective liabilities of the company when forming their opinions on its solvency. It is also the first English case to hold that dividends may be liable to challenge as a transaction defrauding creditors. It will be interesting to see where a change of position defence is available to a person entering into such a transaction ..read more

Reforms to taxation of non-UK domiciled individuals

The government recently published long-awaited draft legislation for the reform of the taxation of non-UK domiciled individuals. It includes provisions to bring into the scope of inheritance tax UK residential property held by non-domiciliaries through offshore companies and other entities, together with provisions introducing new deemed domicile rules for long-term UK residents and individuals born in the United Kingdom with a UK domicile of origin........ read more..

China- CFDA solicits comments on pharmaceutical GCPs

The China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) recently proposed the most comprehensive revisions of the pharmaceutical good clinical practices (GCPs) in 13 years, which are open for public comment until January 31 2017...read more..


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